Emmanuel Tete

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…Born in 1973. Lives and works in Brussels. New work purchased from RossiContemporary at Brussels Art Fair, April, 2018.

Michael Jackson / On The Wall at NPG

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…a must visit until October 18, 2018. Also in collaboration with Hugo Boss, artist Graham Dolphin has designed a suit and hand written the lyrics from ‘Off the Wall’ Album to celebrate Michael Jacksons 60th Birthday, 29 August, 2018. Graham Dolphin with collector Mark Hinchliffe and MJ white suit, Hugo Boss, Sloane Street, London.

The Manchester Contemporary

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What an amazing day! It was great to experience this years Manchester Contemporary at Granada Studios in Spinningfields, an area of Manchester fast becoming its new cultural destination. The architecture for me having not visited before I was taken by the foreground of the old (1956) studio buildings and its modern backdrop of the Beetham Tower (completed 2006) cutting through its history.Attached … Read More

Dark Room Studio

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Friday 19th- we spent clearing out Edward’s disused dark room back into a workable dark room space! the studio is located up at Hopewell Farm studio in Knaresborough so I couldn’t be in a more beautiful and inspiring setting. Im just waiting on materials i.e. dev, stop and fix to show up and then I can get working on next … Read More

PLD – SO COOL – Hepworth Gallery Wakefield

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If there is one show to visit right now, I would suggest PHILIP-LORCA DICORCIA PHOTOGRAPHS (1975- 2012) of Street photography, Hustlers and Pole-dancers showing at the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield, February 14th to June 1st. The photographs displayed on a large scale over 4 decades are stunning and every bit a stage in which we the viewer are invited in to form a relationship with the … Read More


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ok news update- last month saw (26th March) proposal for PhD has been accepted with some recommendations by the panel! so good news.Tasks now are to write up notes taken by SE at PA to discuss in next skype session with SE and NS (24th April). However, as already discussed with SE, the other key thing for me do is … Read More

…4 months later

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…its been a long time since I posted anything- and so today I start again!  Ok since September 2013 I have started back with PhD, a new supervisor NS joined SE- supervisory team is now complete. The PA is now due to be proposed to a panel next month (March) NS has offered up a completely new perspective to my … Read More

Train return Harrogate to Falmouth= 16 hours + Pedare conference=8 hours

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Wise Men “A fact: You will always feel like your work isn’t good enough. As a salve, or simply as a way to stay sane, be in the world. Ride the train. Listen to strangers. Occasionally, if you’re brave, speak to them. Walk in the city you live. Pay attention. Don’t bother with taking notes, or buying fancy notepads. Try to remember as … Read More

Memory Palace

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Friday 9th August I attended the MEMORY PALACE exhibition held at the V&A, London. This wonderful, inspiring and thought-provoking exhibition brought together a showcase of storyboards, film, text and installations  from 20  graphics designers, illustrators and typographers to create a walk in book; inspired by author Hari Kunzru. With (Hudson, The Telegraph 2013) book sales plummeting and exhibition attendances booming, Memory Palace, part novel, (Wainwright, Guardian 2013) part exhibition of … Read More